Mushroom Mania Amanita Pantherina イボテングタケ


Scientific name (学名):         Amanita pantherina

Season (発生時期):               August > October

Habitat (生息環境):              Forest (near Red Pines)

Distinctive features:              Chocolate brown cap with warts

Not Edible (食毒不明):         poisonous /psychoactive

Plant toxicity varies greatly!


Cap:    Brown with warts, round, goes flat, later convex

Gills:    free, close to crowded, white > greyish, truncate



Odor:  Unpleasant / similar to raw potatoes


Kingdom:           Fungi                                                                                           Division:             Basidiomycota                                                                                Class:                 Agaricomycetes                                                                             Order:                 Agaricales                                                                                     Family:                Amanitaceae                                                                   Genus:                Amanita                                                                                      Species:              Amanita pantherina

きのこガイド 食用&毒きのこがすぐわかる                   小宮山勝司(文写真)伊沢正名(写真)                     ISBN 978-4-522-42429-2 永岡書店 2013 page 232

兵庫のきのこ 兵庫きのこ研究会 編者                     ISBN 978-4-343-00428-4 福岡 宏一 2007   page 34


Mushroom Mania #1 ベニナギナタタケ  シロソウメンタケ科

mushroom-clavulinopsis-miyabeana-2016 mushroom-clavulinopsis-miyabeana-2-2016mushroom-clavulinopsis-miyabeana-3-2016


It’s quite a chore to collect enough to even make it a side dish,

but as an accent to a salad it’s great.

The color is unique even if the flavor

is mild to nearly nonexistent.

I found these near some Koyamaki and Hinoki trees.

It’s color fades fairly quickly as it ages past ripeness.


Season:                      Autumn September > November

Habitat:                     forest

Distinctive features:  bright orange color , up to about 10 cm tall