Akebi アケビ 木通

Akebi 10 2017 plants

Akebia trifoliata  Three leaf Akebi

Akebi 2 10 2017 plants

This is known locally as “mountain akebi”. That near rivers is known as “kawa akebi”, and has five leaves. This mountain variety is also thought to be a little more bland tasting.  It is said that we can make tea from this plant so I’m going to try it.  I’ll let you all know how it is.

Pheasant 雉 Female Green Pheasant

Green Pheasant female October 2017

Female Green Pheasant 雉 (Nov, 5 2017)                                      Faisan versicolore, Buntfasan

I saw this sneaky pheasant toodling down the road.

She seemed to be in fear and fleeing.

I saw her again in nearly the same location and again she seemed to be fleeing.

As I again slowed and stopped to allow her a less stressful encounter…she stopped.

It was almost as if she were either curious or bating me to follow her, thus leading me away from…

It is actually the national bird of Japan. Did you know that?

It was declared so in 1947.