Yuki Mushi Snow bug

“Snow insect”  Harbinger of the end of Autumn.

Some places have a saying that if you see a Snow bug it will snow in the next few days.  I’ve seen them around for the past week and still no flakes.  Definitely mark the end of Autumn though.  Squeezing every eyeful of color I can from the Japanese Maples and Ginko trees.

It’s also called the “cotton bug”.  Easy to see why.

They are easy to catch, but SUPER delicate!  Better to enjoy them on the fly.  If you must catch one, maybe use something for them to land on and then gently whooosh them off with a light breath of air.

Prociphilus oriens


Prociphilus is an aphid genus of the subfamily Eriosomatinae, which cause the plants they attack to produce galls. The aphids reside and feed within the gall.