Ferns Japanese Tassel Fern or Lace Fern

イノデ, 猪手 Inode, “ino” is short for “inoshishi” wild boar.

This plant is pretty strong.  It was frosty for almost a week, but no problem for this fern.


Japanese Lace Fern Japanese tassel fern,  Korean tassel fern

Polystichum polyblepharum                                                                          

New Latin, from Greek polystichon, neuter of polystichos of many rows, of many lines                                                           

”polyblepharum” means many eyelashes睫毛. It describes the fuzzy stems of this glossy deep green garden fern.

学名”polyblepharum” の意味は茎は眉毛と似ている


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