Koyamizuki Japanese Winter Hazel April Flowers

Japanese Winter Hazel  Koyamizuki 荒野みずき

This lovely yellow flower is dotting the countryside mountains.  This year it is blossoming just ahead of Mountain Cherry Blossoms. Usually it blooms in late winter or early March.  It’s quite a bit later than usual due to the late snow and cold weather.

Perhaps rather simple from afar, it reveals genuine beauty for those making the effort of a closer look.  Delicate in appearance and fragrance, hope you take a moment if you see them.


The scientific name is Corylopsis gotoana Makino.

Genus name comes from the Greek words korylos meaning hazel and opsis meaning like for leaf resemblance to Corylus.

Corylopsis is closely related to and in the same family as witch hazel (Hamamelis).


Tsukushi Horsetail snack time!!!

つくし 土筆 Tsukushi       Horsetail        Scouring Rush

The first kanji “土” means “earth”

The second kanji “筆” fude, means calligraphy brush.

It’s an earth brush.

Tsukushi are considered Sansai or edible wild vegetables in Japan.


Today was my first time to see its pollen.  The green color really surprised me!


These horsetails have already shed their pollen.