Ko-Ajisai Nettle Leaved Hydrangea

Nettle Leaved Hydrangea    コアジサイ 小紫陽花

This delicate Hydrangea is now blossoming for those with wide eyes to see.


It’s easy to miss, as it blooms in quiet unassuming patches here and there.


Its colors faint as if a gentle breath whispered “violet” over them.

It is native to Japan, but is now found in the Himalayas, China and nearly all east Asia.

Hydrangea hirta Hydrangea is Greek in origin, and comes hudro– meaning “water” and angeion meaning “a vessel” describing to the shape of the cup shaped fruit and the capsule the fruit is contained in. The hirta portion of this species name means “hairy”, and is pronounced HUR-ta.

This photo shows why the leaves could easily be mistakes for “nettle” leaves.

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