Beninaginata Red Mushroom!

ベニナギナタ タケ Benaginata  Red Naginata!  (mushroom)

The “Naginata is a traditional Japanese weapon.


It is also a traditional martial art practiced by many in Japan.


Pictured is a wooden naginata used for practice.  An actual naginata would be metal and capable of cutting out charging horses legs.



科名:Clavulinopsis miyabeana

The Japanese common name is “beninaginata”, roughly meaning “red naginata” 薙刀.

It’s quite a chore to collect enough to even make it a side dish,but as an accent to a salad it’s great.





The vivid red color is unique even if the flavor is mild to nearly nonexistent.

I found these near some Kōyamaki 高野槙, Hinoki 檜(Japanese cypress), and Red pine trees.

It’s color fades fairly quickly as it ages past ripeness.



Clavulinopsis is a genus of coral fungi in the Clavariaceae family.

The genus was first described scientifically by Casper van Overeem in 1923.

Casper van Overeem (1 October 1893 – 27 February 1927) was a Dutch mycologist.

van Overeem C. (1923). “Beiträge zur Pilzflora von Niederländisch Indien”. Bulletin du Jardin botanique de Buitenzorg (in German). 3 (3): 247–96.

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