Japanese Oak Silkmoth It’s GIANT

ヤママユ  山繭    山繭蛾 Japanese Oak Silkmoth

学名: Antheraea yamamai

Coming home after a little stargazing…Hey! What’s that?



Wow! That’s a big moth!


And beautiful!


It’s about 7 inches (17 cm) wingtip to wingtip.

And it’s kinda furry?!


Sorry for the poor poor quality of the photo. I was trying to capture the translucent window on the wings. It truly is like a window. I wonder if it’s like fake eyes to fool predators into thinking it’s bigger than it already is…



Grape!? Kudzu or Kuzu Vine

クズ  葛    Japanese Arrowroot

The name is derived from the Japanese name for the plant East Asian arrowroot (Pueraria montana var. lobata), クズ or (kuzu)


Smells just like Fanta Grape soda!

科名:Peuraria lobata                      mame pea leguminosae

This sweet smelling flower blooms from late summer well into Autumn.

Japanese Arrowroot is a vine like plant with tree leaflets and big roundish leaves.


The flower itself has lovely bright reds and yellows, the reds sometimes being almost purple.

It has quite a few different uses which I will add soon!