Coal Tit Higara

Coal Tit       日雀      ヒガラ

学名:Periparus ater (Linnaeus 1758)

Parus ater. “dusky-black tit” –

The genus name, Parus, is the Latin for “tit”.

The specific ater is Latin for “dull black”.

Photo Danjo Garan November 29, 2019

This little acrobat hopped and leaped from branch to bough spinning my camera eye into dizzyness.  It danced around this Cherry tree and then entered the green maze of the Cedar behind it.

Its distinctive feature is its cute little tuft of tiny feathers on its crest.

日本では亜種ヒガラ(学名:Periparus ater insularis)が北海道、本州、四国、九州 に周年生息する I believe this is the subspecies that I photographed in the garan area.

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