Daimon to Okunoin Hiking Nyonindo

This hike is from Daimon Gate 大門 to the Okunoin 奥の院 area parking lot, on most maps listed as “Nakanohashi”.

Distance from Daimon Gate to Okunoin is about 5.5 kilometers.

Hiking time about 1.5 to 2 hours at a relaxed pace.

Wooden sign markers #8 to #24


This is Otasuke Jizo.  It is hidden inside.  (You can open the doors and go in)  Turn left around the corner. You’ll see this map.


As you can see, this is visited often and very well cared for.



Lots of branches and boughs strewn across the trail. It’s easy to get tangled and trip.  Tread carefully.

Wild chestnuts all over the place!  No hiking barefoot today!

When you pass sign #10 go down to the road and take a right.


Walk up the hill.

Some houses here are nicknamed “kamaboko” houses.

This is “kamaboko” a fishpaste thingy (pureed fish and msg)



Back to the trail!

Just past the entrance sign #12 there’s a bear sign.

Yes, there’s bears in these here hills! Not to worry.  Seen just one in this area in 12 years.  These signs stay up until they fall down.  Doesn’t mean they’re recent in any respect.  Yet,… be mindful.   Yes, the sign also says road closed.  That’s from the typhoon a short while back.  Not to worry.  The trail is OK…not great, but most definitely hikeable.


This sign says, “Koya Seven Entrances Nyonin Trail”

It also says to beware of fires.  You’ll see these signs all along the trails.

From the series of typhoons that hit Japan in September and October.  Trees uprooted all along the trail.  Watch your head!



Go down the hill and turn left.  You’ll see the turn to cross a very short bridge (one hop) almost immediately.

Then hike hike hike, up up up.







This is signpost 17.

Turn left and go up the hill.

It’s about .6 kilometers to Rokuro Peak

If you go straight, you will go to Ainoura Village.

It’s also a lovely hike and one of the “Seven entrances to Koyasan”.

You will see this spooky statue at #17


Rokurotoge  轆轤峠