Ippon Sugi Hiking Koya San Zan

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The following pictures show how to walk from point 46 to point 40.

Point 40 is the entrance to the Ippon Sugi Hiking area.

This takes about 20 minutes.

This is point 46 on the map.

You come down the hill and turn right.

The sign is pretty bad.  It’s outdated.

There is no “ski area” (gone 20 years)

No sign, even in Japanese for the hiking area.

Yet, no worries… you’re going the right direction!

Follow the road.  Stay on the left.

The road narrows and you’re almost there!

Less than two minutes.


The trail is on the left.  There is a small wooden sign.

It’s sign #40 the start of the Ippon Sugi trail!

From here to Yoryu Peak is about 2 kilometers.

Hiking slowly it takes about 45 minutes.

This weird mysterious tree is off the trail on the left.

The trail is somewhat unclear.  Look up to your left after about 50 meters and you’ll see a giant tree up the hill.  You can stay on this trail, which rejoins the main trail after about 200 meters, or go back down and follow the main trail.

This next section will take you from Ippon sugi (#40)up the mountain to Mt. Yoryu (#34), to Mt. Mani (#32), back to the Okunoin Parking lot (#25)

You hike along the stream for about 10 minutes and then start to climb.

If you pause for 5-10 minutes in this area you’re sure to have cute little birds coming your way.

As you work your way up the hill you’ll find a little Shinto shrine (Buddhist).

This is the first of many Jizo prayer spots dotted across these mountains.


This is Kotsugi Jizo.子継地蔵 (Koyasu Jizo?)

From here to Yoryuzan peak is about .6 kilometers.

Stay on the right and go up the hill.

If you go left on Kuroko-michi you will go down to Hashimoto city. (20 kilometers)

It’s a steep climb for most of this section.