Koya Sanzan Hiking

This is a map with English of the of Koya Sanzan Hiking trails.

You can pick up this map at the tourist information centers.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

The Koya Sanzan hike is a wonderfully peaceful and serene hike.

You can also break it down into smaller portions.  No requirement to do the whole loop.

Hiking slowly, taking photos, listening to the wind in the trees, or the gentle streams…takes about 4 to 5 hours.

If you are hiking to hike or charging through… (Go away!) It’s not an exercise trail.

Hiking through for fitness or challenge is contrary to the whole Koyasan experience.

The hiking trails are actual pilgrimage routes.  Their history and uniqueness helped make Koyasan a spiritual World Heritage Site.

Passing through nature is not the same as being with nature.

May you walk at nature’s pace, listen from your soul, view from your inner vision…

I have hiked this trail from both sides and the middle, about 50 times over the past 12 years.

This wall map at the tourist information office shows a different version of the same area.

One way to start this hike is at the Nakanohashi parking lot.

It’s easy to catch a bus here.  Bus stop #14 Okunoin mae.

Follow the main road (371) up the hill.  If you start facing the entrance to Okunoin, turn right and go up the hill about 400 meters.

Pass the Koku Guest house on your left. Pass the yellow Tonkatsu restaurant on your left.

Go up the steep hill.  Just before the tunnel near the top of the hill is a trail on your left.

It is guidepost #26.

From the Okunoin cemetery parking lot to the entrance to Mani Peak is about  400 meters.

From this sign (#26) to Mani Peak is about 1.3 kilometers.

The trail is generally well kept and marked.  There is a sign at the peak.  This first section is fairly steep.  Even though there is a “bear warning” sign, I wouldn’t be overly concerned.

12 years and only one sighting for me in this area.  They do pass through on occasion so it’s wise to avoid the bacon cologne.

Mani Peak is listed as being 1004 meters (3294 feet).